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How can I pay?

All payments in our shop are handled by Payment Service Provider CM Payments. It is possible to pay by one of the following payment methods: 

  • Bank transfer;
  • Credit Card (MasterCard/ VISA);
  • PayPal;
  • BLIK.

Paying by bank transfer
Via a bank transfer you will transfer the designated amount to the bank account of our Payments Service Provider, CM Payments. The necessary information to complete the bank transfer will be sent to you by email. Please note that your order will be officially placed once we have received your payment. If you choose bank transfer as a payment option, it takes a couple of days for your order to be shipped. Make sure to add the unique payment reference (PID number) to your payment order to ensure that the payment and can be processed without delay.

Paying by Credit Card
You can pay your order by MasterCard and VISA credit cards. In order to protect your data, your details are fully encrypted and sent by SSL servers that are protected from access by external parties. Once you have completed your order, the amount will be withdrawn directly. If you decide to pay by Mastercard or VISA, please submit your credit card number and expiration date. Then fill in the CVC/ CVV code and name of the cardholder. The CVC/ CVV code is a number that is uniquely associated with your credit card. This three-digit code can be found on the back of your credit card. Once you have filled in the requested information, the credit card company will authorize the transaction within 30 seconds maximum. If the transaction is authorized your order will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Paying by PayPal
If you choose to pay with PayPal, you will be forwarded directly to the PayPal website during the check-out. If you are new to PayPal, you can log in as a guest or open a PayPal account and confirm the payment. If you already have a PayPal account, you can login with your username and confirm the payment. Once the payment order is authorized, your order is processed immediately.
If you return goods, the amount will be returned to your PayPal account or your bank account.

Paying by BLIK
BLIK payments are convenient and safe – you enter the BLIK code and confirm the transaction with your PIN in the banking app. You do not have to log in to online banking, enter SMS passwords or provide your payment card details. All you need is a phone with your bank’s mobile app.

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